Well, simply put, we’ve now reached the stage in display technology development, where we are seeing huge increases in the pixel density resolution of mobile phones and computer screens.



Much like the introduction of HD TV, these increases are huge jumps from anything we've ever seen before, Ability Home Inspections stays on top of the technological curve by using the latest in Home Inspection software and gadgets to get the job done right.


Here are some examples of what I typically find when doing Inspections.....


We provide our customers with detailed inspection reports, which include digital photos.

These photos are positioned next to the item(s) containing defects in the body of the report as well as the summary area. They allow you to see the areas and the issues in detail instead of just reading about it.

This feature also allows you to be right there in the attic or on the roof. Providing an email version of the report has made for a quick turn around on report delivery.


1500 SQ. Ft - less $320.00

1501 SQ. Ft - 2000 SQ. Ft $370.00

2001 SQ. Ft - 2500 SQ. Ft $420.00

2501 SQ. Ft - 3000 SQ. Ft - $470.00

3001 SQ. Ft - 3500SQ. Ft $520.00

3501 SQ. Ft - 4000SQ. Ft - $570.00

4001 SQ. Ft - 4500SQ. Ft - $620.00

4501 SQ. Ft - 5000SQ. Ft - $670.00

5000SQ. Ft + Call for Quote

Age fee (30+yrs) + $20.00
Pool Fee + $50.00
Reinspection + $50.00
We also offer Termite Inspections at $50.00

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